July 24, 2024
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Rejuvenated Abode with Majestic Vistas: A $2.2M Southern California Marvel

In the embrace of the San Gabriel Mountains, a treasure trove of architectural brilliance emerges, now gracing the market at $2.2 million. Behold the sanctuary nestled in Sierra Madre, CA, meticulously crafted in 1949 for J.J. Mulvihill, connoisseur of exotic flora, by the visionary architect Harwell Hamilton Harris.

Echoes of Admiration

Eva Lin, the voice behind the listing at eXp Realty, narrates the saga of enamorment by the current custodians. Their affection bloomed instantaneously upon encountering this masterpiece, resonating with the meticulousness ingrained in its genesis. Yet, disquiet lingered—a narrative of alterations veering astray from the original opus.

Reviving History

Thus commenced the saga of reclamation, a symphony conducted with scholarly fervor and the adept hands of architectural artisans. Through the corridors of time, they reinstated the essence, each stroke a homage to bygone craftsmanship.

A ballet of hues and textures unfolded—the redwood facade, once bespoke, now mirrored the soul within. Every nook, every cranny, bore witness to renewal.

Rebirth of Splendor

A ballet of hues and textures unfolded—the redwood facade, once bespoke, now mirrored the soul within. Every nook, every cranny, bore witness to renewal. The laundry room metamorphosed with modern contrivances; the oak parquet exuded newfound luster; the built-ins whispered tales of yore.

Harmonious Union

Windows adorned with UV veils, ushering in whispers of cool zephyrs, guarding relics of knowledge and art. Cork floors, a nod to eco-sensibility, caressed the feet upstairs, while lavatories bore the badge of contemporary luxury.

Vistas Beyond Compare

Perched upon a .38-acre canvas, a domicile unfolds—a four-bedroom, 4.5 bathroom symphony, wherein the upstairs unveils a theater of daylight. Behold the grandeur of the living room, ensconced in glass, cradling vistas of oaks swathed in mountainous embrace.

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Eternal Enchantment

A marriage of land and sea—Pacific whispers blend with mountain hymns; Catalina’s visage graces the horizon on days of clarity. Outdoors, a haven awaits—a hearth of brick ignites camaraderie amidst nature’s amphitheater.

Retreats of Creativity

Below, a sanctuary unfolds—a studio, a haven for artisans, serenading the lotus pond and the arboreal sentinels.

Embodiment of Splendor

Lin paints a tapestry of allure—trails meandering through Mt. Wilson’s embrace, secrets known solely to locals; Sierra Madre’s quaint visage beckons, adorned with epicurean delights and a rendezvous with history.

Eternal California Dream

Behold the quintessence of Southern California living—a symphony of nature and architecture in harmonious embrace. Here, amidst the cradle of opulence, one finds solace, a sanctuary for the soul.

The narrative unfolds, a testament to the melding of art and nature, a perennial ode to the California dream.

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